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Name of the organization

Full name: Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture Mechanization

Short name: SRIAM.

The direction of activity of the organization

Solving the most important problems in the directions of agricultural mechanization and its scientific and practical basis to carry out research on improvement and increase the level of mechanization of agriculture focused scientific developments, recommendations, measures, creation of mechanized technologies.

QXMITI includes the following:

  • 10 scientific laboratories and 7 departments;
  • Livestock farm for 250 cattle;
  • Experimental site;
  • Yangiyol agro-melioration technological park (Tashkent region);
  • Beruni Agromelioration Technological Park (Republic of Karakalpakstan);
  • Navbahor Agromelioration Technological Park (Navoi Region);
  • Guzor Agromelioration Technological Park (Kashkadarya Region);
  • Jondor Agromelioration Technological Park (Bukhara Region);
  • Rishton Agromelioration Technological Park (Fergana Region).

The main directions of scientific research:

The scientific research conducted at the institute is aimed at increasing the level of complex mechanization of agricultural power tools and cotton, grain, animal husbandry, horticulture, vegetable-polishing, potato growing and other fields, and the following tasks are carried out:

  • development and implementation of promising mechanized agrotechnologies and resource-saving equipment that ensure full mechanization of all agrotechnical measures for growing agricultural crops, including intensive technologies in cotton-grain growing, vegetable-polishing, horticulture and other crop care;
  • performing scientific research aimed at improving the efficiency of using low-productivity lands by creating and introducing new agrotechnologies and technical means for growing grain, oil and nutritious crops in dry lands and desert pastures;
  • implementation of innovative works aimed at increasing the efficiency of the processes of production, storage, transportation and processing of agricultural products, including the use of non-traditional and renewable energy sources and information technologies, and comprehensive automation of agro-technological activities;
  • development of scientifically based recommendations on the effective use of new modern types of agricultural machinery and equipment produced by foreign and domestic enterprises in the republic's agriculture;
  • effective integration of highly qualified personnel training, science, education and production by establishing scientific and technical cooperation and strengthening mutual cooperation with other scientific and higher educational institutions and machine-building enterprises operating in the field of agriculture, as well as with international research institutes and centers organization of activities aimed at providing.

International cooperation

  • Confidence is the key to success! With this motto, today, the International Bank of Ukraine cooperates with the World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), GEF, TIKA (Turkey), KOICA (Korea), JICA (Japan), GTTs (Germany) and other international organizations.
  • Together with the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the German Technical Cooperation Center, "KHSMITI Agromelioration Technological Parks" were established in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and 5 regions in order to increase the volume of introduction of modern energy and resource-efficient technologies and technical means to the republic's agriculture..
  • With the support of TIKA (Turkey), a modern greenhouse complex for growing agricultural crops in a protected environment was established.
  • In cooperation with KOICA (Korea), work is being carried out to increase the volume of soybean cultivation.
  • With the support of JICA (Japan), scientific staff are improving their skills in Japan.
  • Also, the Federal Scientific Center for Agroengineering of VIM (VIM, Russian Federation,, All-Russian Technological Scientific-Research Institute for the Use and Repair of Machine-Tractor Park (GOSNITI, Russian Federation,, Volgograd State Agrarian University (Russian Federation,, National scientific center (main institute) of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine "Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture" (NNTs "IMESX", Ukraine,, Institute of Agricultural Technical Support (Ryazan Sh., Russian Federation,, Omsk State Agrarian University named after P.A. Stolypin (Omsk region, Russian Federation,, Ural State Agrarian University (Russian Federation,, Republic unitary enterprise named "Research and practical center for agricultural mechanization of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus" (Belarus,, Russian State University of Agrarian Correspondence Education (Russian Federation, established good cooperation with.

Important scientific developments

More than 900 patents and copyright certificates for inventions and new developments have been obtained by QXMITI employees.

The following can be cited as the first developments developed at QXMITI:

  • the world's first vertical spindle cotton picking machine (SXM-48) [L.M. Rosembleun patent #56291, 75225 (1937), #98810 (1950)];
  • the world's first hemp harvester;
  • Technology of two-layer plowing of cotton fields and two-layer plow [G.M. Rudakov, patent #364279 (1967)];
  • System of machines for complex mechanization of agricultural production;
  • agrotechnical requirements for cotton tractor and chain tractor for general work.

The following can be mentioned as important developments developed in QXMITI:

  • combined drive unit (grinding and plowing);
  • combined unit for soil preparation and potato planting;
  • combined unit for inter-row cultivation and chemical spraying of plants;
  • mechanized technology of perennial weed control in cotton fields and VKS-1.8 rhizome harvesting machine;
  • GNU-1MS and GRP-3/5 pit softeners;
  • rotary and disc plows for tillage in irrigated and desert areas;
  • compact laser leveler;
  • combined machine for preparing land for planting (ChYu-3,6);
  • дискли пуштаолгич-ўғитсолгич;
  • комбинациялашган пуштаолгич-ўғитсолгич;
  • precision seed drill;
  • single disc thresher;
  • universal cultivator-feeder;
  • cotton picking machine for picking thin fiber cottons;
  • cotton picking machine for picking seed cottons;
  • technology and machine complex for cleaning the fields from cotton residues and cotton stalks;
  • multi-link tractor train for transporting cotton and other agricultural goods;
  • small-scale machinery used in grain harvesting and fodder preparation.

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